sashimilover's Journal

Iruka Umino
26 May
Name: Iruka

Age: 24

Birthday: May 26

Height:178 cm / 5 ft 8 in

Weight:66.2 kg / 145.9 lbs

Affiliation: Police: Undercover, Other: Teacher


Iruka Umino had an easy childhood, better than anyone he knew. His parents Kenshin and Takara were his heroes and he took after them both. Everyone always said how much he looked like his father from the dark brown eyes and hair to his rich, tan skin and that the only way that they could tell the difference between him and his father at his age was the scar across his nose. Then he would smile, laugh, or pull off a prank and suddenly they'd remember that looks were deceiving and that while he might look like his father he was most definitely his mother's child in demeanor. The scar, in fact, was proof of that. He and his mother had been stringing a wire across the room so that they could could send a 'ghost' flying across it as a Halloween prank on his father when the wire snapped and lashed him across the nose, cutting a seemingly perfect line across his nose and cheeks. Even now he remembers the shock on his mother's face as she caught sight of him and laughs when he remembers how she refused to do pranks with him until she realized it wasn't going to stop him and that she'd become the target of most of them. His father never said a word about the incident either way.

Kenshin and Takara Umino were killed when Iruka was ten years old during a forest fire. As a firefighter and EMT respectively they were honored at a memorial marking the catastrophe that devastated Konoha. Both were helping to evacuate homes outside the city that were threatened by the fire when the wind changed directions and it took a sudden turn for the worst. Afterwards Iruka was sent first to live in an orphanage while the legal paperwork was handled and then to live with his Aunt Shinju Uncle Aoi Mizumoto who were both teachers at a local grade school.

For months after he went to live with them his aunt couldn't look at him without crying and even though his uncle tried to reassure him it left Iruka feeling very alone. He started acting out at school, pulling pranks for attention and skipping class to visit his parents' grave. On one particular visit a family friend, Hiruzen Sarutobi, intervened and talked to him. Iruka tried to pass it off as nothing but Sarutobi knew about his parents, had been at the funeral and knew Iruka well enough to know better than to believe the lie. It took very little for him to get Iruka to admit what was wrong and the preteen finally broke down into tears for the first time since his parents died. After that Iruka started to make more friends with a little pushing from his teachers and Sarutobi. Eventually the smile became more honest and the pranks less frequent.

He made friends with a boy named Mizuki who got him into martial arts. The two of them did everything together to the point that if Mizuki liked a girl Iruka would date the best friend. So it was predictable that when Iruka decided to join the police force at Hiruzen's encourgement that Mizuki joined the academy with him. After they graduated, due to the fact they worked so well together they were made partners. Then while on a case involving the mafia Mizuki and him were questioning a civilian about a theft and his partner drew a knife and threatened the suspect and when he tried to attack teen Iruka stepped in between them and he was quite literally stabbed in his back. He was sent to the hospital and his partner was put under investigation and sent to prison after it was revealed that he often used excessive force and after psychological tests came back in which Mizuki declared that the boy was trash that deserved to die.

Shortly after getting out of the hospital Iruka was put on light duty and sent to the undercover branch to work on a case involving drug running in the schools due to his close associations with the teachers. Three months into his operation a teacher was murdered and Iruka was temporarily pulled from the duty, he occasionally goes undercover as a substitute and otherwise works primarily in the office on drug related cases. Despite an initial issue with interrogations Iruka has proven useful when dealing with witnesses.

After teaching at the school Iruka realized exactly how much he enjoyed working with kids and has put his hobby to work teaching a class down at the dojo he belongs to.


Iruka is almost always cheerful and smiling but his students, for the most part, know better than to test his patience or play a prank on him as he has a fierce temper and has more tricks up his sleeve than all of them combined.

He is well liked by the the teachers he occassionally works with and other police officers but is often seen as weak or a soft touch until he loses his temper and either yells at them or pulls a prank on them in revenge. Iruka has an impressive ability to gauge others and get others to underestimate him which works his advantage in many cases however he is so open that he has problems understanding boundaries and even he would admit he's too forward and doesn't know when to shut up.

Due to the situation with his best friend and partner Iruka blames himself for the scar on his back and the man being sent to jail and while being well liked, has few close friends.

Talents: teaching, social networking, undercover work

Hobbies: pranks, reading, aikido

Orientation: Bisexual